Since some time Alfa-Matrix released the first of the new Electronic Body Matrix compilation series.

Comfortably residing on the first spot of the fourth disc is my Cold in December song. It is the only lovesong I have made thus far, although I’m working on some rough sketches at the moment for the next one. Writing lyrics that are actually noticeably close to me was never my strong point, but sometimes everything just fits together that nicely, that you just have to let it go.

Of course this compilation has some other excellent contribution, and Seba really made an outstanding selection, displaying a real who is who.

A small selection of my favorites on the compilation:

KOMOR KOMMANDO . rhythm machine
X MARKS THE PEDWALK . seventeen (NOISUF-X mix)
[SITD] . catharsis (heal me, control me)
FADERHEAD . destroy improve rebuild
E-CRAFT . rearrested (v1.0)
COMBICHRIST . never surrender (TERENCE FIXMER remix)
ROTERSAND . waiting to be born
PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF . popmusik für rohrleger (matrix edit)
COVENANT . lightbringer (spreedrun)
NITZER EBB . down on your knees (KANT KINO mix)
NACHTMAHR . mädchen in uniform (FADERHEAD mix)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER . legion of leper (re-edit)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 . collapse
IC 434 . sangre de toro
AYRIA . blue alice (DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER mix)