LLUMEN has had its first live appearance at the InsideOut boat in Liege! It was a long drive and an early Sunday morning right in the middle of one of the most hectic periods in our professional lives (and they aren’t over yet) It was a very nice afternoon with an extremely enthusiastic crowd.

Most of all it was loud, it may well have been a bit to loud, making the sound appear very distorted. I just thought the monitor speakers were bust, but there was definitely something not right with the overall sound. For which we apologies, it was supposed to sound extremely clear and balanced.

It did get us into a lively discussion on the advantages/disadvantages of using hardware/software that is still not resolved. All in all lessons were learned and we take this experience with is for our next gig(s), where a more controllable (so hardware) setup will make its debut.

Also, work is being done on the visuals and if SparkFun would be so kind to deliver my order soon I’ll be adding some novel self-build controllers to the live setup. If not I’m afraid I’ll have to bring out my keytar!!